Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 USB - No TTY devices showing up?

Hello home automation enthusiasts! I’m attempting to install a Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 USB on my Raspberry Pi ( When I ssh into my machine, I only see a single tty device, /dev/tty.

My understanding is that simply plugging it in should generate a new TTY device but I do not see it. If I lsusb, I see the device:

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0658:0200

Do I need to pass through the USB device to the docker container somehow to get it to bind to the TTY device? I’ve been searching google for hours and the only page I can find is this one which simply says to add:

  usb_path: /dev/ttyACM0

But that tty does not exist (at least in the container), and indeed I get an error saying it cannot find that device. I have no idea how to SSH into the host system and everything I’ve read says not to try.

what does ls -l /dev/tty*.* say?

EDIT: The other path it could be is /dev/ttyACM1

I have same problem. How you installed your HASS instance? From card image or another way ?

Could you see the device in the web gui? Hassio >> System >> Show Hardware

I have just right now install cleaer raspbian OS and now I see /dev/ttyACM0 and /dev/ttyAMA0 :slight_smile: I am hopeful :slight_smile: