Aeotec ZW089 Recessed Gen 5 sensor. Not doing anything other than blinking at me when I press the button. Any hints?

Just finished up an absolutely awful migration from the deprecated Zwave to Zwave JS. This is my only sensor that I cannot get migrated. I had it connected last night, but I needed to wake the sensor to change the connection parameters, and it just absolutely wouldn’t.

Now here I am trying to get it just rejoined. Instead of the typical behavior (hold for a few secs to join or hold ~10 secs to wake), it’s not doing anything except blinking at me when I depress the button. Doesn’t matter how long I hold (I really tried everything from 1 - 30 seconds) and there’s no change.

Does anyone have any ideas? I thought maybe a hard reset would help, but it’s not doing that. Then I thought maybe my installation isn’t scanning for zwave devices, but it is, this is the only one that will NOT add.

Although no one saw/responded to this, in the event that they do, I’m going to reply with what the fix is.

It wasn’t the sensor, it was zwave JS. It was stuck searching for devices and wasn’t listening to sensors that wanted to be added. I found out when I had a stuck motion sensor and tried to add it. Instead of the typical adding feedback, I was met with “The driver isn’t ready yet.”

I went so far as to remove/reinstall the integration, but after reconfiguring all of my device names, there was no change. Fortunately, there was a HA update - and that immediately addressed the issue. The sensor jumped on the network like it was peas and carrots.

Now for this damn sensor…IT’s not going into inclusion mode…