Aeotec6 siren config

I have an aeotec6 siren I want to use one of the built in sounds for a doorbell automation. How do I tell the automation action to play a specific sound?


It may depend on the z-wave integration you use how the alarms are exposed. Zwavejs2mqtt has config settings to set the alarm sound for 8 different alarm types that each can be turned on with a switch, so there are also 8 switches to choose from. So you could either turn on one of the 8 that has the right sound configured, or change the configuration of one before you turn it on (EDIT) or call the siren.turn_on service, see code below.

Edit: I thought there wasn’t, but there’s also a siren service that can do the trick:

service: siren.turn_on
  tone: '3'
  entity_id: siren.indoor_siren_6_2

Thanks Edwin I will try this this evening.

Close I think I tried this

type: turn_on
device_id: 40ac50e39836257b7f27e6de104fa911
entity_id: switch.siren
domain: switch

That set the alarm going and I ha no way toturn it off!! that was fun … Anyway It is connected to a hubitat and that might be an issue, I tried to enter the data info but the editor wouldn’t allow it. What else can I try