Aeotech Garage Door Controller with Tilt Sensor on Roller Door

Hi folks,

So I’ve finally gotten my Aeotec Garage Door Controller working in my HA setup using the Aeotec Z-Wave USB Stick (Gen 5). Everything has worked well except for the Tilt Sensor that I could never figure out how to mount correctly (still can’t).

So far this is what I’ve worked out:

  • I’ve mounted it horizontally between one of the valleys of the roller door as high as it can go.
  • I paired it with the Garage Door Controller
  • Then calibrated it.

All per Aeotec’s instruction manual.

Here is what I observe:

  • HA correctly detects the state of the door IIF you use HA to open/close the door.

If you use the Action button on the GDC or the buttons of the Garage Door roller itself that the GDC got wired in to, then HA remains obviously to the state of the door.

Is this expected?

I’m thinking at this point that I also need to integrate an Aeotec Window/Door 7 sensor into the setup so I can use the sensor data off that to switch the state of the garage door depending on the external inputs I described (opening/closing the door outside of HA).

Kind regards



I have also Aotec Garage controller. I was using OpenHAB before and it was working properly.
Few days ago I changed system for HA and I don’t know how to configure it. I already connected unit with HA. I have on the Node Value list “Switch” and “Barrier State Label” which are minimum parameters to control gate (there are also few more). Honestly speaking I don’t know how to use it in HA. Could you send me your configuration how you use it?
It will be helpful for me to learn how use this kind of devices.