Aeotech Microswitch G2 Event

My house unfortunately has switch drop legs for wiring so my light switches do not have a neutral. No problem, I picked up an aeotech miroswitch G2. I’ve got it wired into the outlet that controls the lamp for the room, and I’ve got the light switch in the wall controlling the aeotech. This works fine and I can turn the lamp on and off like normal. I have also paired this with my HA setup, and can control the aeotech via the web interface.

What I don’t see happening is the aeotech microswitch sending out any event notification when I turn the wall switch on or off. I’d like to setup an automation so that I can have a second lamp on the other side of the room controlled when this light is controlled. I’ve tailed the OZW log and see events happening when I toggle via the web interface. I see nothing happening when I use the wall switch to turn the lamp on or off.

I know Aeotech has newer switches, and I’m wondering if this one just lacks that feature, and if it does should I just pick up a newer one?

Or am I doing something wrong? Everything appears to work except it doesn’t report the event from the wall switch.


And now to answer my own question. I found it buried in a post but wasn’t sure what they were talking about.

There is a configuration option on this device which you can toggle.

Zwave -> node management -> Node Config Options -> 80: Notification Status.

Set this value from none to Hail, or basic. Both appear to send notifications out and work to trigger the automation to turn on/off my livingroom lights.