Aeotech MultiSensor Weak Signal

I recently got an Aeotech MultiSensor and I must say so far I’m not very impressed. I paired it with my HA environment via an Aeotech zwave stick, no problem. I wanted to use this in the bathroom so I could tell when the last time someone was really in there was and turn off the lights or turn on the exhaust fan if the humidity was to high. I have a GE in-wall outlet less than 10 feet from it. Probably closer to 5. When I close the standard hollow bathroom door I stop getting updates from it. It says showing ON in HA until I open the door. I get that it’s on battery. But wow, it can’t even penetrate a non-insulated sheetrock wall or a hollow door. Pipes are all in the walls on the other side of the room. Anyone else have any similar problems, hopefully with resolutions? Batteries are brand new.

Did you tail the OZW_Log.txt file to see if it is really not sending anything?

With that being said, humidity is a funny thing, and of course the multisensor only reports when it differs by a certain percentage. I have not been able to find that threshold easily, even when put directly into the shower…

Despite being told by a number of users that it works ‘just fine’ on battery, mine are both plugged in and I have never had a single issue with them. One is in the room next to my office (where the Pi and router live) and the other is in a corner of the house. Both of them report immediately and consistently.

Might want to plug in a USB charger and rule that out as an issue.