Aeotech Quadmote Colors ZW130A

This should work for the Wallmote two button as well.

I saw in the zwave node config page that the range for the color setting is badly configured. while in the zwcfg file its a negative number for the bottom end and a positive for the high it looks like the HA interface doesn’t handle that right so the displayed low number for the accepted range is HIGHER than the High range.

in HA lovelace… “An integer between 2147483648 and 2147483647”

in the zwcfg its -2147483648 for the low and 2147483647 for the high. When it drops the negative, (treating it as an Absolute) you can’t enter squat. So i went playing around and found there are MORE COLORS YOU CAN HAVE! Not just Red/Green/Blue. I’d guess its full band color, I’ve yet to figure out the pattern as it changes when you change the byte range, so some scaling may be taking place. But here is what I’ve found…

WHen Byte 1-100 and size not specified
1 Bright BLue
2 Pale Blue
3 Med Blue
4 Green
5 Green
6 Pale blue
12 Dim Army Green
35 Pale green
50 Dim Purple
59 Med Purple
75 Sea green
90 very light blue
100 Bright Purple

Byte 1-255 and size not specified
0 Pale Blue
1 Med Green
2 Green
3 Pale Blue
4 Med Green
5 Pale Blue
30 Light Blue-Purple
40 Light Purple
49 Light Blue-White
50 Army Green
95 Light SFG
100 Pale White
150 Pale Pink
200 Pale Yellow
201 Light Yellow
202 Light Yellow White
230 Pink
231 Bright pink
232 Light Yellow
233 Medium Yellow
234 Pink
235 Off-White
236 Very Pale Pink
237 Ultra Pale Pink
238 Very Pale Pink
239 Very Pale Pink
240 Very Pale Pink
241 Off-White
242 Peach
243 Peach
244 Bright Pink
255 Pale Pink

Byte size 4
0 Aqua Blue
24 Pale purple
32 Ugly Mustard Yellow
42 Ugly Mustard Yellow
52 Sea Foam Green
62 Pale SFG
246 Pale Yellow
255 Yellow

				<Value type="byte" genre="config" instance="1" index="5" label="Color when button is pressed" units="" read_only="false" write_only="false" verify_changes="false" poll_intensity="0" min="0" max="255" value="200">
					<Help>To configure which color will be displayed when the button is pressed. Value 1: (msb) Red. Value 2: Green. Value 3: Blue. Value 4: Reserved</Help>

The Wallmote Quad has colors? I didn’t quite follow how to fix the issue and when/where/how to specify colors. Can you explain a little more about how the colors are used?

When you press one of the buttons the crosshair lights up with a color. All thats normally configurable is Red, Green, or Blue.

I’d say with some experimentation by someone who knows these better than I could decipher what the real requirements for setting color is to access the full color spectrum it can show. The posted code snippet is from the zwave config file where the line for the valid color numbers is. The number beside the color is the number to entire in the Lovelace interface after stopping the zwave network, modifying that line, and restarting the zwave network.

The pattern of how the colors are laid out is wonky so that tells me while I can change the color I’ve not got the right way set to enter them sensibly.