Aeotech z-wave gen5 help


i have been using my aeotech gen5 usb device for some time now, i pulled it from my domoticz automation and managed to rename all nodes and got it working in homeassistant, recently i have been trying to get a sonoff zigbee stick to work, but i keep getting errors when i try to get homessitant to find it, so i have switched between all 4 usb ports on my rpi3, but now i cant even get the z-wave stick to work anymore, homeassitant cant even find that one, can i reset the usb configuration on my rpi?
or is there another way to get this to work again?

I think when you swap a stick around in different ports different usb devices get created. If you are going to swap things around, I’d turn off the computer first.

For now, turn off power, put the stick back where it was and restart. If that still fails, go into your zwavejs config and see what port it is configured to use and if any other ports are available.