aërQ Temperature and Humidity Sensor v2.0 - Automatic Reporting Interval


Looks like the “Automatic Reporting Interval” happens every 12 hours. Because this is a temperature sensor I would like this to report more often as some other automation will kick in based on those values.

How can I do that? I keep changing the values but they continue going back to default.

Directly after you change it, you need to wake up the device, so it will receive the message. Not doing so, the message will be dropped after some unsuccessful attempts.

So change the value, it will be placed in a queue, walk to the sensor and press it’s button once.

That worked for me at least…

I’ve been trying that with the “Ping” option and keeps coming back. Is there another way to wake the device?


There usually a physical button on the device to press. Consult the docs for the sensor

yup, that was it. Changing the setting and then physically pressing the button to ‘wake’ the device. thanks @PeteRage and @BebeMischa

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