Aften every upgrade of 2022.9 Homekit “No response” for half a day, then recovers

When upgrading to 2022.9 (fantastic release otherwise! :smiley:), I had a problem with HomeKit losing the connection to home assistant devices. The connection is restored automatically “during the night” and everything works again the next day.

The same happened at both point updates to 2022.9.1 and .2. It seems the connection goes bad and is restored after some kind of timeout - maybe Home Assistant needs to do an explicit refresh/reconnect?

Anyone else experience this and found a solution?

Seems like you are not the only person who encountered a recent issue with the HomeKit integration. See this thread:

I wonder if the true cause of the issue is the HA update or is it related to the TVOS and iOS update?

Either way it seems to be fixed in the newest point release:

Once again: well done! :smiley:

I had a similar issue.
My homekit exposes BTicino devices to HA.
For an unknown reason HomeKit started timing out today.

No restart in HA did help, neither any attempt to reload Homekit integration. But my BTicino gateway was visible from the router and BTicino App was working properly.

In the end I decided to force a gateway “reboot”: the only way was to turn off the general AC switch.
And everything started working again!