HomeKit devices stopped working after iOS update (devices not responding)

My iPad has been in airplane mode for the last week (it is not used as a home hub, the function is done by an apple tv).
Yesterday I updated my iPhone to iOS16 and all the HomeKit devices emulated by Home Assistant have stopped working (showing as not responding).
It occurred to me to try with the iPad, so I disabled airplane mode and opened the Home app: it looked empty at first, but all devices started appearing as available within seconds and I could even control them (I turned on the light in the room I was and it worked); after just a bunch of seconds all devices controlled by HA started showing “not responding” on the iPad too.

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I just discovered this same situation with my HA and HomeKit setup. Updated my iPhone to iOS 16, then last night I also updated my 2 Apple TVs to TVOS 16.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure which update broke the integration. Is your Apple TV on TVOS 16, or an earlier version?

I just woke up to a fully working HomeKit
No idea what happened
Apple TV is still on iOS 15.6

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, HomeKit is still non-functioning for me after multiple restarts of HA and both Apple TVs. Makes me wonder what might have changed with TVOS 16…

I’m on tvOS 16 and my HomeKit still works. No change from 15.6 that I can tell.

I had this problem too. Got it after uppstigning my phone. Even tried deleting the home Assistant hub from the home app and adding it again. Also updates my Apple TV from 15.6 to 16. Nothing worked. Then I decided to restart everything at the same time, My bridged router, WiFi router and raspberry pi. When it all booted again it was working. So I would say give that a try :man_shrugging:

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Now it has stopped working again

I had a similar issue and just updated all my Apple TVs to tvOS 16 which seems to have resolved it for now.

Came here to say I have the same issue. Sometimes works. Most of the time, it doesn’t. All devices - that I can think of - are updated.

Everything works in their associated apps (Lutron switches works in the Lutron app and so forth), but 95% of the time I get “Unavailable” in HomeKit

My harmony Remote Hub Thats Connected to Homekit with homeassistant makes my Remote app on iPhone iOS 16 stop working against the Apple TV. Soon as I remove the harmony hub remote on HomeKit everything works fine. But if I add the harmony hub remote back it will eventually make the Apple TV remote disappear. And all that’s left if the harmony hubs remote on homekit. I thought it was cause they kinda had the same names. But I changed them to be totally unique. But that did nothing.

Wanted to provide a possible solution: I ran the Onyx maintenance script on my Mac, and Homekit has been working flawlessly since then (72 hours).

I have a similar issue I described here HomeKit Accessories not responding after restarting or changing configuration

I didn’t have HA before iOS 16.