After a certain time, Supervisor Communication from Core seems to stop working


i’m using HASS OS as OVA on a Virtual Machine on my Synology. It worked for a few years without issues. Lately it started to have some very strange issue. It could be connected to the latest supervisor update, but i’m not 100% sure.

What it does:

  • After Restart (OS or Core) everything works perfectly
  • Some time later (probably 30 minutes) the problems begin
  • Addons are not accessible via ingress anymore: trying to access them gives a timeout or Unable to load the panel source: /api/hassio/app/entrypoint.js.
  • Addons itself are running (i see it for example for fully working Zigbee2MQTT addon in MQTT)
  • Trying to access Settings => Addons gives “Could not load the Supervisor panel!”
  • Restarting from the interface doesn’t work anymore

The observer-statuspage gives

Home Assistant observer

Supervisor: Connected
Supported: Supported
Healthy: Healthy

Restarting / Reparing the observer doesn’t help

Restarting HA Core via CLI fixes the issue temporarly again.

Does anyone has an advice what i could try next? What logger should i increase / have a look to?

I have the exact same issues here.
I am running HAOS on a VM (Virtual Box).

Restart fix the issue but only temporarily.

On logs the only thing that gives error on SU is this

23-01-06 20:46:34 ERROR (MainThread) [asyncio] Task exception was never retrieved
future: <Task finished name='Task-2526' coro=<Addon.watchdog_container() done, defined at /usr/src/supervisor/supervisor/addons/> exception=AddonsJobError('Rate limit exceeded, more then 10 calls in 0:30:00')>

I opened a github issue as well. Please add the information there: