After first reboot, display only shows Home Assistant Logo

Hello everybody, I am newbie in domotic’s world and I have started with in a NUC7PJYH2 following the wonderful guide of user xbmcnut and the main guide too. I update BIO, format SSD, etcher and so on. When I removed the usb and turn on again I have the next screen.

Image 1

In this screen we should see a text with “Preparing” but nothing change, and I am waiting for 3 hours with NUC turn on. I have readed a lot of things but nothing work,
I have tried connect to NUC using putty but always says “Network error: Connection refused”. Hence I am thinking that could be a network problem, I have see that the NUC has IP in the control panel of my router. I need help please?

My resin.sample: I haven’t changed noghint of this file.
Image 3

And putty configuration.
Image 2


PS: How new user only can upload one image, I have made a collage with the three screen, I’m sorry.

Hello :wave:

I’ve never installed on a nuc, but i don’t think you will ever see more than that logo on the screen once the installation is finished.

Did you already try to connect from your pc/laptop/tablet to check if is already up and running?

And regarding the ssh / putty connection: You first need to install an SSH add-on using’s web interface before you can connect using putty.

Thank you for your answer. I’ve followed your tip and I think that everthing was ok, but the logo screen on monitor It was confusing me.

It’s ok, right?


Yes, that’s what you need to see :slight_smile::+1: