After HA restore, restarting causes wrong state in select entities/devices

I restored from Backup recently, and every time I reboot edit: restart HA, it causes the same devices be in the state they were in during the backup time.
My home alarm is ON
Certain lights are ON, others OFF

It’s causing grief, since upon reboot edit: restart, my house goes into night/sleep mode, causing lights to turn off, vacuum cleaners to clean etc.

Upon investigation, it appears as if my Hue buttons are all being “pressed” upon reboot of HA (from Node Red), starting flows in NR, causing everything to go into sleep mode/turn off.

Any suggestions?

Why are you rebooting the host machine?

This should only ever be rarely needed. Like after OS updates.

You should be restarting home assistant instead.

Or is that what you meant?

Reboot and restart are two very different things.

Sorry, restart.

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