After HACS update i out outdated for power flow card

how can i fix that - any ideas?

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Did you read the release notes before you updated?

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 21-49-46 flixlix_power-flow-card-plus A power distribution card inspired by the official Energy Distribution card for Home Assistant

You need to change your individual devices config to the new format. There are examples in the documentation.

If you have trouble, post your card config as formatted text rather than a screenshot so we can help.

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Thx for help! I checked some notes… Sorry for that i will keep in Mind to check everything… I Will try to solve it by myself now :slight_smile:

can you help me please :confused:

type: custom:power-flow-card-plus
      '0': b
      '1': a
      '2': t
      '3': t
      '4': e
      '5': r
      '6': 'y'
      consumption: sensor.scb_home_power_from_battery
      production: sensor.scb_pv_to_battery_power
    state_of_charge: sensor.scb_battery_soc
    color_value: true
        - 254
        - 251
        - 65
        - 200
        - 255
        - 0
      production: sensor.einspeisung
      consumption: sensor.scb_home_power_from_grid
    color_icon: true
    color_circle: true
    invert_state: false
      entity: sensor.scb_autarky_day
      unit_of_measurement: '%'
      icon: mdi:recycle
    color_value: true
        - 226
        - 36
        - 0
        - 118
        - 187
        - 64
    entity: sensor.current_solar_total
    display_zero_state: true
    secondary_info: {}
    color_icon: true
    color_value: true
      - 245
      - 236
      - 0
    secondary_info: {}
    entity: sensor.go_echarger_210254_nrg_12
    name: Tesla Model 3
clickable_entities: true
  mode: show
  transparency: 50
    - 189
    - 189
    - 189
use_new_flow_rate_model: true
w_decimals: 0
kw_decimals: 1
min_flow_rate: 0.75
max_flow_rate: 6
max_expected_power: 2000
min_expected_power: 0.01
watt_threshold: 1000
transparency_zero_lines: 0
title: PV-Anlage

Try asking here: Power Flow Card Plus 🚀 - #292 by phil9309

I don’t have a battery and am not sure how it should be configured.

i have the same issue. i read the readme, and couldnt see anything specific to this configuration change. Might be missing something, but a migration guide would be good

Advice is the same:

Hi! i hope you can help me ! after updating power flow card plus and reconfiguation the power flow card is working on the PC, on the IPAD and on the IPHONE of my wife… but not on my IPHONE, its still saying that im using an outdated configuration. i hope you can help me to fix this issue ! thank you

Sorry. No idea why that happens. It works on my phone. As I have said two times already, try asking in the main support topic.

@Presl1983 just delete the individuals part of your card and re-create them afterwards using the UI editor of this card.