After latest update api problems esphome

after the latest update heaps of problems and ESPhome nodes off line. It all started with delete the API configuration in the nodes after that the repair said it works, but then the devices showed up in devices saying reconfigure asking a KEY??? what key where is that key help!

According to the error message, you find the encryption key on then ESPHome dashboard.

I would start there :wink:

I wished it was there, but alas nothing to find!

Go deeper (click on the device(s) (badkamer, 4relay-1) and check there for the key also (the devices may have individual keys).

Well never found a key, I just deleted the esphome nodes and restarted HA, after that pasted the node code in a new node, rebuild them and voila, they just got accepted again. But was a shocker and a hassle but ok, the new version is up and running again.

Only shame I had to remove the Dlink switches I had a few, but those are removed, I never fully understand why they really fully remove working devices/entities there are a few people around the world still using them and at that moment they got rendered junk and landfill, plus now I have to replace them with newer apparatuses costing again money, one Dlink switch used to be 30 euroos, so?!

Earlier you api: section might have looked like this:

  password: YourPassword

Now the section have to look like this:

    key: 342scdweg45678HRGERw35feSTY4539GEvvGE11=

The key under encryption is the key that is being asked for in the HA integration.
You can choose to use the same key for all your devices or different ones for each device or group of devices.
You can also choose to use a secrets file.

Your secrets file would then contain something like this:

api_key: "342scdweg45678HRGERw35feSTY4539GEvvGE11="

And then your YAML file will have an api: section like this:

    key: !secret api_key
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Thank you so far, but can you tell me how to obtain that key?

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Thank you, that was the information i was unable to find on how to generate a key which one to use and the follow up on inserting the key.

Wished they had a link in the breaking changes on version updates of HA, would be simpler. Maybe something to hint the smart coders paste a link to howto proceed when things go wrong on the topics that get upgraded.

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