After plugging in 2nd USB device in Raspberry - everything slows down (EDl21 Integration)

Hi guys,

I have a Raspberry Pi4 running HassOS. I bought a Smart Meter (Infrared) that reads my electricity meter. I plugged it in my Rasp and used the EDL21 integration to integrate it into HA. It works perfect. As I have a second electricity meter I bought another one. As soon as I plug it into the Rasp everything slows down and the Sensor is not working. What would be the best way to find out what went wrong?

Settings > System > Logs.

It should tell you exactly what’s up.

If you need help post errors here in a code block ( the icon that says </> above)


I already checked it but I only found this warning regarding the USB:

2023-11-01 14:52:28.999 WARNING (MainThread) [sml.asyncio] Timeout while waiting for meter data. Please check reading device. Restarting edl21
2023-11-01 14:52:39.005 INFO (MainThread) [sml.asyncio] Connected to /dev/ttyUSB0

It seemed quiet generic. I would like to understand why it slows its down. I already bought a third sensor but same behaviour. When I plug in the 2nd one, everything gets super slow.