After reboot, test for internet connection until success or timeout

I know there have been many requests for this type of action but I have not been able to find what I need.

I have a flow that checks whether the internet is slow and reboots my router, via Zigbee plugs (should work if down as they do not need the wifi up). The last action currently is the turn on of my Zigbee plug for the hub.


After this happens, and once the internet connection is restored, I will want to carry out more node actions, including restarting some other devices.

So what I need to be able to do is ping potentially Google and OpenDNS every minute for, say, 10 minutes until I either get a successful response for both (may be overkill for both so could be just success from either) or the 10 minutes elapses.

If successful, the flow continues to the next node. If not, well not sure yet as wifi down restricts such things as sending notifications but I do want the option of other actions, even if it is just a debug node for the moment.

This has to be after the Turn on BT Smart Hub node has been actioned. Any ideas welcome.

After router reboot, the following sensor for could be used to do ping testing:

Than a wait until node could be used to detect if the host is available.

This is just one way this could be done. I have not tested it - other methods may be more effective.