After restore backup... WHERE are the Add-ons?

I created a new SD card today with the latest version of HA.
After booting, I made a backup (about 200MB in size), which I created and saved just before.
The logfile showed a few errors. All in connection with the add-ons. Afterwards I notice that there were no add-ons installed or they were apparently not in the backup.

Hence the question… how can I create a complete backup WITH the add-ons? Or do I have to install all add-ons first after a “fresh” installation and then import the backup?

Thanks for any help and tips in advance!

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I had the same issue but moving across CPU architectures; this worked for me:

  • Import the full backup on onboarding (you might get away with just the core too)
  • After the installation finishes and HA starts up, install all of the addons manually
  • Go to the Backup screen and restore all Addons, this will restore the addon configs.
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Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience!

The backups of HA are absolutely unusable.
No add-ons are taken over, no setting of the add-ons and the settings and certificates of Let’s Encrypt are also not copied.
All this has to be done very laboriously by hand.
An absolute horror!