After some slight changes, Node-Red doen't start anymore. "Service name is already in use on the network"


I did some slight changes

a) making two switch-entities become light-entities
b) deleted devices in home (on an apple-device)

the reasons were the following;

to a)
because the two are smartplugs with lights behind it, so I wanted them to react on commands to the domain “light”. HAss told me during the change, that the original “switch.” entity will be hidden, and only the new “light.”-entity will show up in the entity-list. Seems fine to me.

to b)
I had a lot of devices in HomeKit already, when I started with Homeassistant 2 weeks ago. When I added home bridge to HAss, nearly all devices were doubled in HomeKit. So I tried and deleted one of a double (and I am afraid, it was the wrong one, one with a serial number from Node-Red).

The other day Node-Red-AddOn was stopped, and since then I get the following error in the Node-Red-Log:

6 Jul 13:03:01 - [red] Uncaught Exception:
6 Jul 13:03:01 - [error] Error: Service name is already in use on the network
    at Registry._onProbeComplete (/config/node_modules/bonjour-hap/lib/Registry.js:108:27)
    at Prober.done (/config/node_modules/bonjour-hap/lib/Prober.js:67:10)
    at Prober.onMDNSresponse (/config/node_modules/bonjour-hap/lib/Prober.js:61:102)
    at EventEmitter.emit (node:events:517:28)
    at Socket.<anonymous> (/config/node_modules/multicast-dns/index.js:49:43)
    at Socket.emit (node:events:517:28)
    at UDP.onMessage (node:dgram:942:8)
[13:03:01] INFO: Service Node-RED exited with code 1 (by signal 0)
s6-rc: info: service legacy-services: stopping

I tried already several restarts; whole system, only Homeassistant, only AddOn.
I checked configuration of Node-Red (although I didn’t change anything in there before the issue occurred).
I always see the normal startup-sequence of NR in the Log, until this lines above appear, and every service stops again afterwards.

I can see, that “bonjour-hap” seems to cause an issue, but I don’t know, how to handle it. Can anybody guide me through this?

Do you have any homebridge/homekit nodes installed? If yes start in safe mode(switch in the config page of the addon) and remove them and restart. I found this old issue with homebridge that pretty much reads line for line. If this is resulting from 3rd party nodes look for updated versions.

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I was afraid somebody would say that :wink:

I have a home bridge-node, and I use a lot of nodes with it. But anyway, I already thought, that this might happen.

I looked for the error message, but I didn’t find your linked entry. Thanks for sharing it.

I go on tomorrow with deleting the home bridge stuff (also from my HomeKit, Device for Device :frowning: )

I keep you updated here…

Look for the nodes page on git or npm and look in the issues section if anyone else is experiencing this.

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I had a look over all issues and did a search for the relevant data, but found nothing so far.
But that might be related to the fact, that I caused the situation by myself, so there is nothing like an issue with the software :wink:

Since I couldn’t start Node-Red (NR) anymore because of this error …

… I couldn’t remove the causing palette from NR. That also means, that I had no chance to remove it from the add-on-config page, because I chose the “palette” way within Node-Red.

But there was another way to get rid of the bad node; I downloaded the “flows.json” from my Yellow, opened it in “VS Code”, searched for “bonjour-hap”, and found two nodes with that same advertiser.

This advertiser seems to be the relevant information, that caused the error during Node-Red startup. After removing one of the entries out of the file, and copying it back to the yellow, NR started without error. Yeah.

I don’t know, why this became an issue out of nothing, but I guess it is related to some exporting/importing from the “old” Raspi to the new Yellow (I am migrating my smarthome to the new Yellow actually). So when I imported one or some nodes from the old to the new system, there might have been a reference to the old node-entry traveling with the copied data. But just a guess, I will do some more investigating on this later.

Thanks for giving me the push, @Mikefila, the idea with CS Code came after your answer - beforehand I wanted to avoid the code-digging, but I saw a bit clearer after you taking the lead here (I know, you didn’t :wink: ).

I hope, this thread can help others with the same problem. To make it easier to be found, I repeat the error message here, and also change the title of this thread.

“Service name is already in use on the network”


This is how the json code looked like with the error. I removed the second block, this one came with an export/import of nodes from the old system.