After update automation not working

I updated this morning to 2023.6
But some of my automations are not working anymore.

For example, I have a button whit 1press 2 press and long press.
If i look to the automation it sees it correctly. It mention that it is triggered. But nothing happens.
If i press on start action, in the action list. than all works correclty

Like you see here, It says it is triggered. but the first part is not starting. when you press the 3 balls inaction and than play (uitvoeren) it works, it switch the plug from on/off or off/on.
Other place it also working.

strangly it is only whit the button. on other place whit pressence sensor that works correctly. turns on light and after 10min it goes out. that is how I made the automation

what has changed to get this issue

Found out that after every update from 2023.6 and 2023.6.1
ZHA does not work and needs to configurate manaully. Than all zigbee works.
switches does not work in automation (like mention on top)

every switch in automation if i set it to a other specification and than set it back to what it needs to be. than it works again
checked Yaml file before and after, nothing is changed over here. only that it now strangly works

so for now it seems to be fixed