After update to 0.109.6

I get safe mode only, this is Hassio warns me about:
Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 14, column 14: Unable to read file /config/customize.yaml.

This was fine before i updated, anyone knows whats wrong?

Post your (sanitized) configuration.yaml and customize.yaml, preserving formatting please.

Which version did you came from before updating? Could it be a version before customizations were introduced in de GUI?

Hi, the thing is i dont even have that file customize.yaml

I think it was 0.109.5, mayby. Is there a way to see that?

And i dont have the config folder either, never had it.

Maybe you should create the file and put this in your config:

customize: !include customize.yaml

Could try that, brb.

What now? You don’t have any configuration for homeassistant at all?

I think you do but you don’t understand your system, which is going to make troubleshooting really hard.

If you never had a configuration folder, you have never run Home Assistant.

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Im running Hassio via openmediavault in docker. And this have work perfectly until this update.

And that picture right there shows your configuration directory…:man_facepalming:

Duh, ofcourse it is :slight_smile:
But not the name “config”.

You obviously didn’t pay attention to how you ran HA at all. /config is a volume mapping into the docker container…the ACTUAL directory is the one you show in your screenshot.

The amount of people around here that somehow run HA without understanding what they are running is quite staggering.


I can understand your frustration about this. But why/what could be wrong with this config.yaml with this update.?

The error message literally states what’s wrong.

Create the customize.yaml

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Removed config.yaml

I did this:
customize: !include customize.yaml

But stil i get the error.

Error loading /config/configuration.yaml: in “/config/configuration.yaml”, line 14, column 14: Unable to read file /config/customize.yaml.

The line 14 is the this:


First of all, remove your public URL…(that’s part of the “sanitize your config before sharing” thing)

Secondly, are you sure that’s the only thing in your error messages? Did you create the customize.yaml FILE?

Third: comment out the entire section for panel_iframe: and see what errors out then. Your configuration yaml looks oddly spaced too. You have double lines between everything…You sure it’s not just broken formatting?

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