After update to 0.94.0, Xiaomi gateway / sensors showing as 'unavailable'

Hi there,

Yesterday I updated to the latest version (0.94.0). Since then, my Xiaomi gateway and associated sensors are showing with a state of ‘unavailable’. Restarted HA a few times, but to no avail.



In the HA log files, I can see that HA is actually getting status updates from the Xiaomi Gateway:

My HA config has not changed:

  discovery_retry: 25
    - host:

Any ideas why the sensors are not displaying their state in HA?


All mine are OK since the update. Have the entity IDs changed?

Ignore this… it magically started working again :slight_smile:

Yay for magic! :mage:

Noticed this several times after updating the mihome app or xiaomi gateway firmware. After this, go to mihome and re-initialize each sensor etc. Then restart HA.

P.S. Not every update of mihome app leads to the fact that nothing works and you have to do this trick.

Be very wary of updating firmware of the gateways, its been known to block access for HA in the past.

Thanks for the warning! Didn’t know that.

Mine has also been intermittently working…

Same here, unable to discover the gateway. Update from 0.94.1 to 0.94.3. Worked fine before.

Any suggestions?

I am having the same issue before upgrade to 0.94 and after upgrade as well.
The connection is intermittent, whenever after a reboot HASSIO, always could not find aqara gateway. Somtimes I need to reboot the gateway as well to make it work. It is really weird.
I have some many sensors linked to this gateway, reset it and reconnect all the sensors are really pain in the ass. Any easier solution?
Also to add some more symptoms, sometimes, the gateway will flash blue, there may be the internet connection issue. This may contribute to the not available issue. but is it possible to re-scan the network for aqara gateway? That will be helpful in some situation. Thanks

Hi everyone,

I have the same issue as firewater. Gateway works perfectly only after it is power cycled. Rebooting hassio does not help. Did anybody manage to sort it out?

On the other hand I can confirm that I have successfully replaced my gateway by using the official zigbee2mqtt add-on and a koenkk flashed CC2531 usb dongle. Works like a charm!

official HassOS image on Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (v. 3.12)
Home Assistant 0.106.6 / Core
Mijia Gateway 2 - (lumi_gateway_v3) - opened the ports as recommended