After Update to 0.96 Unable to reach hue bridge

So and old friend is back: after I installed 0.96, even after several HA restarts, reboots and even after restarting hue bridge, HA can’t reach the bridge. I simply don’t understand what’s going on here since every 3rd party app has no issues with hue bridge. Only HA has problem ever since that asynchronous thing was introduced. Any ideas?

same problem here. I can only get it up and running by removing the integration, adding it again without restarting hass

Same problem here. After update to Release 0.96.5 unable to control any hue connected lamp

I moved to Intel Nuc and the issues are gone. I think RPI is not good enough from some point on. It can’t handle I/O properly (db) and there are some issues with it and hue.