After update to Home Assistant Core Update 2023.12.2 no energy return grafic

Today I made the update from 2023.12.1 to 2023.12.2 and after the full hour although lot of electrical energy was returned (the sensors did collect and values have been shown), at the energy dashboard the “violet ball” and energy return values at the hour bars are not shown.
So I made a downgrade from the update files and all is fine again.
Does anyone have the same issue? Could this be a bug at the update?

It could be a problem related to the integration you use to create your energy sensors in the update. Which integration is it?

I have no idea what this is btw:


And which integration do you use for your sensors?

# Loads default set of integrations. Do not remove.

# Load frontend themes from the themes folder
 themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

# Text to speech
 - platform: google_translate

automation: !include automations.yaml
script: !include scripts.yaml
scene: !include scenes.yaml
      # Template sensor for values of power export (active_power < 0)
        friendly_name: "Power Export"
        unit_of_measurement: 'W'
        value_template: >-
          {% if (states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_a_power')|float + states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_b_power')|float + states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_c_power')|float) < 0 %}
            {{ (states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_a_power')|float + states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_b_power')|float + states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_c_power')|float) * -1 }}
          {% else %}
            {{ 0 }}
          {% endif %}
        availability_template: "{{
            [ states('sensor.shelly_em3_channel_a_power'),
            ] | map('is_number') | min

So that would be the Shelly integration via a templates sensor.

Is your Shelly returning values?

Is your template sensor returning values?

Yes they did with 2023.12.2 and still doing with 2023.12.1, but with 2023.12.2. I cannot see any effect (violet bars and violet “ball” in animated grafic) at engery dashboard.

If the sensors are still returning values but the energy dashboard is not working, go to Developer Tools → Statistics. Look for your entities. If there are FIX ISSUE buttons beside them, click the buttons and check what the message says.

with 2023.12.3 all is fine. thx