After updates I have a problem with MQTT and home assistant

I did a bunch of updates. After that A got all my zigbee sensors are unavailable.
I checked all the log and there are no error messages.

Zigbee2mqtt report that it successfully posted the sensor information to the MQTT broker.

I can find that item in the Mosquitto broker.

Only home assistant can’ t display it any more. Any suggestion how to debug this further?


edit: Using Hasio and the Mosquitto add-on

This overview contains details about seeing what’s going on. “Developer tools” -> “MQTT” also allow you to see the messages.

In the log message of zigbee2mqtt I see a mqtt publish.
In MQTT explore I see that item.
Only in home assistant I can’t retrieve that message.

I found this error message in the Mosquitto add-on
[10:52:55] ERROR: Can’t setup service mqtt
I assume this is the problem. So how do I solve it?

mosquitto version 1.6.3

The mosquitto add-on from the store ?
What version did you update from ?

Yes, mosquito broker from the hasio add-on store. D

I don’t know the previous version.

I tried to unroll a snapshot but that didn’t solve it.

Some more error from HA.

0-06-14 10:52:33 ERROR (MainThread) [] Invalid token for access /services/mqtt
20-06-14 10:52:55 ERROR (MainThread) [] It is already a MQTT in use from core_mosquitto

Found an other error message in HA:

Log Details (ERROR)

Logger: homeassistant.components.mqtt
Source: components/mqtt/
Integration: MQTT
First occurred: 7:23:28 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 7:23:28 PM
Failed to connect to MQTT server due to exception: [Errno 113] Host is unreachable

I found the problem. I also changed my IP address to a static one.
It seems the home assistant has an other config file. With my old IP address.

Data in your configuration entry is going to override your configuration.yaml: {‘broker’: ‘’, ‘discovery’: True, ‘password’: ‘port’: 1883, ‘username’: ‘’

So how do I modify the internal ip address MQTT reference in HA? in is not in my configuration.yaml:
I added it an then I got this message.

I’m guessing: configuration -> integrations -> mqtt -> the 3 dots ?
My mqtt configuration is just written in configuration.yaml, so can’t test.

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I had the same issue and could not find any information online that could help me resolve it. I ended up creating another instance on Proxmox and started from scratch again. My setup is not super complicated so it does not take a long time to get up and running. I hope you can find a solution, it would be good to know how to fix it without having to start from scratch.

I didn’t find any option to change the ip adress of the MQTT broker in HA.
So I search for the internal HA config files and change it manually.

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I got same problem after updating to core 6.
Could you link the path to this file?
Thank you