After Updating to 2022.10 - I get this: "Configuration will not prevent Home Assistant from starting!"

Yes, I get this in the Developer Tools when I click on “CHEDK CONFIGURATION”.

Is this normal now even though there are no errors in any of the config entries?

Thanks in advance.

same thing here. I rolled back to 2022.9.7 until this error is fixed

I haven’t done a roll back before! How do I do I roll back? Shall I reload the backup that was made before the update to .10?

Are you talking about this? Yes it’s normal. It’s green. It say’s you’re good to go…

This is not an error.
The message tells you it will not prevent startup issues.


That is the worst non error message ever.

Too many words
None say ‘good’
Relies on a color signal which is known to be susceptible to color blindness issues.
Has an exclamation point insinuating some urgency.

Can totally understand people mistaking this for an error. Heck most people still don’t know you don’t have to check before restart.

Much rather it say something like no issues detected. Or a simple Good.


Right! Why so may words instead of “Configuration is good!”.


I don’t like it! Why do they have to change the previous confirmation?


I did notice the change but I too had to look twice if what I was seeing matched with what I was thinking.
It seemed right after reading it two or three times so I went ahead and restarted.

Not a big deal, but I did find it a bit confusing. The color blind would probably have more trouble understanding this right away.

I also notice that this change wasn’t there in the beta was it?

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I mean, I see what they did though… had it said everything was “good”, there would be people on here crying when a configuration change they made caused part of their system not to function… they are saying it will not prevent it from starting… but they aren’t guaranteeing that you didn’t mess it up in some other way… I agree, a bit of an awkward message… but they seem to be just protecting themselves from people saying, “but you said my configuration was good”


The issue with that is that the config check likely is (or at least can be) “not good”.

if the config check fails but in a way that doesn’t prevent you from restarting it will still say the above message. BUT it will pop up a persistent notification telling you that there’s problem.

I don’t know why the message doesn’t say that.

“the config check failed but won’t prevent you from starting. check the following…”

then just put the same message that’s in the persistent notification in the config check box.

Sounds easy enough to me and WAY less confusing.

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Because your configuration might not be “good” but any current errors will not prevent HASS from restarting. Running ha core check in a terminal is a more thorough check and can reveal additional errors that the UI Configuration Check button does not. Why? I dunno.

They could probably explain this better, but that would likely require even be more words.

and for those of use running a docker instance

docker exec homeassistant python -m homeassistant --script check_config --config /config

you may have to change the first homeassistant instance to YOUR container name

Could someone from the DEV team please clarify if this looooong message completely replaces the previous “Configuration is good!”, or if both exist and in fact has a slightly different meaning?

( I would never eat a meal if the menu said: “This meal will probably not kill you!”)


This new message made me read it 3 times, Yes it is Green, and at best my HA will start,
but are there errors ? It doesn’t state anything helpful.
Sure there are some circumstanses that the ‘Syntax’ is correct but you have stuffed something else up.
But at least State, “the Configuration syntax is good” so that we know it checked something is valid.
To me the new message may as well say “good Luck” in green.

BTW… wasn’t there a release not so long ago, that even if your configuration.yaml was stuffed up, HA would still start and not be bricked? So therfore this new message is merely stating the obviious?


^^^ This.

When I first saw it, I was wondering if there was an error detected, but not so critical that it would prevent a restart from occurring. I agree with @groutely to say something like Configuration Syntax is Good

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