After upgrade, iOS App no longer able to access HA

After upgrading to 109.3 today, the iOS app stopped working. It gives me an error, “Unable to connect to Home Assistant” and has a message in a red banner “HA API Manager is unavailable.” I can connect via the browser on my phone, but not the app. When I looked at the logs on my phone, I see many of the following:

2020-05-03 11:22:53.762 [Error] [main] [WebViewController.swift:605] userContentController(_:didReceive:) > Failed to authenticate webview. Token Unavailable

I suspect that resetting or reinstalling the app will fix this, but I would rather not do that…can someone help?


Is there no one that can help :worried:

Reinstall the app. It takes 2 minutes. Make sure to delete the integration first so that it will create the same names. That way you don’t have to change anything.

Thanks Jim,

Yes I know, but I was trying to understand why this happened since it would be nice to prevent it from happening again.

Thanks for your help

Sometimes it happens when the token got changed for some reason. It shouldn’t happen that often.