After upgrade to 0.51.2, a super old entry for my iphone batt/charge level showed up

i finally got around to upgrading to 0.51.2 and now i’ve got a really old entry for my iphone showing up.

it’s not listed in my known_devices. and it’s marked as hidden in my customize config, yet here it is.

see image(s):

you can tell its super old, because its showing iOS 10.3.1, where as my phone is on 10.3.3

how do i get rid of this? can i manually go into the database and delete it?

Check in your dev-states (<>) section to ensure that the entity_id you’ve hidden is the right one.

yes, i could just hide the “_2” one, but i shouldn’t have to. this is OLD data from like 6 months ago, why is it even here?

It’s there because it’s an entity in the database :wink:

Why it’s still there, well, it depends on what created it on the first place. What’re you using to track the battery level?