After upgrade to 0.83, getting marked away every restart

Ever since I upgraded to 0.83.x I get marked away every restart. It then causes me error as all of my “away” automations fire…

Is this just me or something wrong with 0.83.x?

Same here; not tracked down what’s causing it yet.

For reference, I opened an issue on github:

Good luck with getting someone to take a look at it.

This much traction already? It’ll get looked at quickly.

That’s a bit harsh! Do you really think the developers don’t know/don’t care? Is this with iOS location detection?

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Is this a generic issue with tracking or specific to a tracker ? I’m having the same issue using GPSlogger as the tracker.

I’m not being harsh; but if 0.83 made it through several beta’s and we’re on the 2nd bug-fix release it would appear this issue is not a high priority.

Same problem with a MQTT device tracker using Monitor on a Pi Zero. My Google Maps and wifi one is fine, just the MQTT one that sets me away on every restart.

Yes it seems that all device_tracker entities are doing this with the 0.83 series.

If you have github accounts, it would help to go post that it isn’t working for you either with some details of your setup - more chatter - more priority?

You can make automation which gets phone location after HA restart:

- id: '1543357936341'
  alias: get phone location on start
  - event: start
    platform: homeassistant
  condition: []
  - data:
      message: request_location_update
    service: notify.ios_phone

I don’t think this would stop all of my “away” actions from firing… i guess I know I could work around it, but it’s broken, so I’m hoping they will fix it

Well this is an annoying one, especially as I restart my HA instance every night.

I’ve liked the GitHub issue so hopefully it will gain some traction soon.