After years of using HA, what features do you still miss?

I’m using HA for 4 years now. It has come long way since then and is much more convenient, faster and reliable. However, I still have some wishes after a long time. I’m mostly interested if people share the same opinions or am I thinking wrongly. Maybe some of these even do exist today, but I’m not aware :slight_smile:

  1. Semi-automatic Lovelace - This is by far what I miss the most. Automatic dashboard is too cluttered with entities integrations consider important (you can hide some now, though), diagnostic entities cannot be added AFAIK (integrations control which entites are considered diagnostic and you cannot change this) and entities are grouped into Areas which are sorted alphabetically. Manual, on the other hand, is difficult for me to create because I don’t remember which entities I need from hundreds I have. I, not being an UI designer or anything, find UI Cards very unintuitive. Basically, I would be satisified with automatic dashboard if I could rearrange entities and add some diagnostic entities, remove some entities and if new ones were automatically added…
  2. More predefined time ranges in logbook calendar. Last 24 hours option, please.
  3. Option to ignore “unavailable” as an entity state when calculating “Last changed” time. Also don’t trigger state changes on HA restart. I want to quickly know what is the last time my window was open regardless of when I restarted HA, when my zigbee network was down, when my MQTT broker was down or…
  4. Some Recorder database maintenance tools and statistics. Although maintenance seems automatic I sometimes believe I need more control. How do I repair the database if it gets corrupted over a power cut or hypervisor failure or… Sometimes, browsing through logbook or entity history just spins circle indefinitely, so I guess there are some issues with the database. I’d also like to see statistics which entites are causing the most database updates so that I could choose to disable these.
  5. Warn if entity hasn’t updated for configurable amount of time. Only if I click on temperature, I can see that in fact it hasn’t updated for a week because sensor battery silently died. When you see only a value from dashboard, it seems perfectly fine.

Sorry for bad English and sorry for probably not being precise with terminology.

The reason none of that is there because, well in my case 1,2,3 I would never use. 4 was an issue 2 years ago but in the last year, you name a time when you think the database bothered you, and 5 is integration/hardware driven. Z2m has it, and I think zwavejs to some extent. That’s not a core function.

Also this doesn’t strike me as a Feature Request, it’s not specific enough, probably belongs in another topic.

What do I miss? automations should have an internal register variable that can be used during runs to store transient, local, and in process data. While you can create a helper to do this, when you are creating blueprints, the less you have to ask the user to do the better, best if it was built in.

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To be able to clean up my system and to remove the hundreds or more unused entities. I would like to see a ‘hard’ delete button on entities that deletes them no matter what. The option would be only shown for the admin account.
Preferably this moves the entity out of sight to a trash bin construction from where you can retrieve is if things go wrong. Later on you can clear out the trash bin.
This will have a low learning curve too because the trash can concept is widely spread in modern days GUI’s

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Please limit your feature requests to one item. Otherwise it is not possible to close it if it is completed.

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