Afvalbeheer integration manageable lovelace notification

I use the integration Afvalbeheer since many months and have no regret.
In my lovelace dashboard I use a custom:state-switch card to display nothing when the State of ‘sensor.recycleapp_afval_morgen’ is ‘Geen’ or display a specific picture according the State.

This works fine BUT:

  • Based on the calendar the picture (if there is one) appears at 00:00
  • It remains there for a full day and disappears again at midnight

My challenges are:

  • Display the picture at for example 14:00 instead of 00:00
  • Hide the picture once I confirmed with a helper (input_boolean) that the wastebin is put on the street for collection.

I really have no clue how to start this.
Hopefully someone can push me in the right direction