Again LGwebos turn tv on won't work

I read al the topics about the webos stuff…
I download and configure the plugin, I see it on te main screen, everything works … execpt the turn on (after I turned it of)

I have this in the configuration.yaml file :

name: Living Room TV
service: wake_on_lan.send_magic_packet
mac: “my Mac Adress of the LG tv”
broadcast_address: “”

Question 1: wich Mac Adress doe I need the LAN or the Wlan Mac ?
Question 2: I upload te new configuration.yaml file en restart the HA server
Question 3: do I need a other thing

When I turn the tv off after a few seconds the screen change to “grayed out” and the clickable items are gone, what goes wrong here ? HA is running as a docker container with remapped config folder on my NAS

is there a how to section for this problem ?

regards Hans

ok I fix the turn on part , has to do with the docker config “–net=host”
so now ik can:

Turn on/of the tv and choose a input source , and volume up / down / mute
that is great but I want some more control like switch channel and more so I make a script

yaml code :

service: media_player.play_media
entity_id: media_player.lg_webos_smart_tv
media_content_id: 1
media_content_type: channel

nothing happens … so I made an other script to turn on a light and a second to turn It off …
works fine …
what goes wrong with the script for the LG tv ?

I must say, I am compleet new to HA work with it now for less then a week.
please help me I drive me nuts :slight_smile: