Again on utility meters

Hello everyone,
i have a sensor called ‘sensor.unimatrix_1_pv_input_power’ that get updated quite frequently and displays the PV power of my inverter. With the PI30 protocol i don’t have a daily production value so i’m using the PV power to calculate it but i get totally wrong values. In few minutes of run it goes over the whole day of production. I tried also the net options but i really don’t understand what i’m doing wrong. Where i can start to debug what’s happening?

Thanks in advance.

You’re not giving much info to work with. What units does your sensor provide, what is the definition you are using for your utility meter?

First guess: if the sensor you have is production in W or kW you will need a Riemann sum sensor first to convert to Wh or kWh.

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Thank you a lot for the suggestion. Yes, my sensor works with W, it’s the instant read-out of the inverter in that exact moment. I don’t understand the part “definition etc etc”. I used the GUI to create it, it asked from wich sensor make the utility meter and when to reset. I have selected daily at 00:00.
Now that i read about the Integration, things makes sense. I tought that since it’s an utility meter, it automatically converts W → Wh.
Now i play a little bit with the integration and i will keep you updated.
Thank again.

Sorry if took me so much to reply. With your suggestion it’s working well. Now i will remember to use the rienmann sum integral before to create the utility meter.

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