Agara Xiaomi ZigBee

Hello, since a few days I installed a first ZigBee component must the product Agara of Xiaomi. The first days the whole thing worked well. Yesterday the water sensor was no longer visible. I then removed the battery, removed the component from the network, reinstalled the battery and associated the sensor again. It was visible again.

This morning I have the same situation.

Can you help me?


Difficult without additional information. I’m using the Aqara water leak sensor together with a Conbee 2 and the Phoscon integration (no addon) and it works like a charm.

How do you connect ? A Xiaomi gateway, or a Zigbee stick ? If Zigbee stick, what integration ? Zigbee2MQTT, ZHA or Deconz ?

I use a ZigBee key (EZSP = Silicon Labs EmberZNet protocol: Elelabs, HUSBZB-1, Telegesis
by ZHA).

Strange, the connection works again. The bug is endless.

Is it better to use a Xiaomi gateway or a direct connection with a ZigBee key?

I’m getting ready to install 4 more and a valve at my home water inlet. You will understand that your recommendations will be very useful to me. Thank you

Did you plug the coordinator directly on the USB 3.0 ports?

If yes, then you need to buy cable extension to avoid USB 3.0 disrupting the Zigbee communications.

I am using a cable extention. I include an image of the installation.

Thank you for this paper. I’ll read it quickly.

This article won’t fix your problem but worth reading before you expand your Zigbee network-

The wifi analyzer tells me that the Zigbee uses channels 7 and 11. The same as those of my Vera Edge Plus still in operation.

The signal strength is -84 dbm. This is really low.

I’m going to look for the method to modify the channels used by the Zigbee key.

I have read some recommendations and indeed it doesn’t seem obvious to me to change the channels. I’m going to read more and think about installing a Xiaomi gateway. Maybe it would improve the situation?

I will update here the result of my readings and tests.


It may just be a subjective impression, but every time I read about zigbee problems, ZHA is used.

I also looked at the configuration of my current Vera Plus installation which also has a Zigbee interface. The interface allows you to change the channels as needed for the latter.

I also had the idea of ordering a Xioami gateway for myself. Before I do, I will read to make sure there are no integration issues with HA.

I personally have not had any issues at all with ZHA integration. If you decided to buy new coordinator, consider this-

Thanks, I’ll make a note of it. I will also try to stop the Zigbee signal from my Vera Plus hub. It’s probably interfering.

I also noticed that the battery level indicator of the device varies from 91% → 84% → 88%

I suspect that the connection is indeed not of good quality and as a result, the information transmitted to HA is not interpreted correctly.2021-09-16_07-51-52

I have 2 xiaomi/ aqara contact sensors connected through ZHA.

1 out of 2 times, when HA is restarted, it shows the sensors as disconnected

however when I open/close the doors the sensors are attached to, they immediately show correctly in homeassistant

so what I am trying to say is that in my case, the disconnected status is misleading, i.e. either they are in fact connected or connect immediately when there is a status change

so I think you should check this, i.e. force the sensors into a state change (push the button on the sensor or put some water around it)

Thanks, I will keep an eye on this situation and try your approach. I also ordered a Xioami Hub to test the interface in HA<>Xioami gatemway<>Agara leak sensor.

To be continued…