Tube's ZB Coordinators and Routers (was Zigbee router on steroids?)

A dedicated router with :muscle:

Supports up to 50 end devices using the Z-Stack Router FW. In comparison to lower cost zigbee chips used in most average devices (bulbs/plugs etc) only support on average 4-6 direct children - battery powered end devices.

In comparison to the Ikea Repeater and Tuya repeaters it is much stronger radio, and has ram to support many more device. Personally I’m going to replace several Ikea repeaters and other unused plugs with 1 or 2 of these.


from where?

I’m making them.


50 devices isn’t that much, or am I incorrect?


Nice design! Wich chipset and fw is being used?

A lot of mains powered routers are limited in the number of end devices they can support. I believe some are as low as ~5.

Thanks! It’s a CC2652p2

Using the z-stack router firmware that came out recently

Nice project.
Can you share it?
I think i need something like this!

I’m going to release the design on my github as well as make them to sell. I am just getting things together, waiting on some parts. I ran into some bad timing starting to work on these and then have the CNY hit right as I start needing parts.

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I’ve had lots of zigbee stability issues. I’ve got 9 ikea usb repeaters and I think 12 plugs just to make sure there’s good coverage everywhere and still have missed commands and devices falling off everywhere. I wonder if replacing all of those with a couple of these could be helpful, especially with my outbuildings.


There is a known issue with IKEA devices that causes issues like this:

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@tube0013 Nice!

Maybe the case needs paperclip-holes to reach “pairing” and" bootloader" buttons without opening it?

Also curious if have plans to also make a Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 based router as an alternative?

Z-Stack 3 router firmware hosted here Z-Stack-firmware/router at master · Koenkk/Z-Stack-firmware · GitHub ?

There is more info on that Silicon Labs firmware bug in FYI, there is a critical low-level bug fixed in Silicon Labs EmberZNet 6.7.7 Zigbee stack · zigpy/zigpy · Discussion #619 · GitHub

If have a very large house with loads of Zigbee devices then it could maybe be a good idea to have a mix of Zigbee routers based on both Texas Instruments and Silicon Labs as they have different bugs.

Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket when looking to achieve high-availavbility or redundancy.

I replied over in the zigpy discussion to answer questions I saw.


Not likely at this time.

Again a nice design and curious how it performs compared to Slaeh’s or ZZH stick.

Keep me informed when the first devices are available, from wich part of the world are you?

I’m in the US.

this is a router/repeater so is not directly comparable to the zzh! or Slaeh’s stick. it uses a comparable TI based chip though same family the difference here is this has a built in power amplifier (and integrated crystal - just a manufacturing difference).

Very cool! Will it work with deCONZ? Would love to know when they become available.

yes it will work as a router with any coordinator.

Do you have a price range in mind and a guestimate on availability?
I won’t hold you to either but I’m definitely interested.

I’m hopeful to have a small batch ~5 available as soon as next week. my PCB’s came in last week but my stencil to efficiently solder the components didn’t make the same plane, and it is still traveling.

price will be $28 + shipping. I’m also not sure right now if I will ship international (I’m in the US) right away I need to sort out an efficient way to do that.

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Please let me know from the moment you are able to ship to Israel, I’m very interested in such a product.

One question: How do you pair it and reset it ?

Thank you so much,

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