AGL - Energy Utility Meter

AGL is one of the top energy and gas providers in Australia. They have smart meters and we can see daily and monthly usage through their app and through Google Assistant. It provides very close usage and the $ spend.

I’m trying to add them into HA and can’t seem to find any integration to pull the data from the app.

Has anyone experienced this or in the same boast as me?

Please and thank you.


I’m an AGL customer too & have thought about this exact same thing from time to time. So far i have never actually attempted to do anything about it from an HA point of view.

I do from time to time export the data from the AGL website for some rudimentary analysis in Google Sheets & have thought about working on importing the csv data into my InfluxDB database then making some kind of visualisation in Grafana. Not gone down that path yet but could be an idea to investigate. I guess it depends on what you are trying to achive.

Instead i am waiting for a new toy to arrive from the US that will allow me to do 3 phase electricity whole home energy monitoring via an ESPHome based integration.


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I’m just trying to pool all the data into HA. If I can see the usage and $ spent on the app, there has to be a way to pull that data and showcase it in grafana. I am curious to see how I can achieve this.

AGL dont have a public API. Theres a thread about it on their community support forum, but its been open for over a year now.

One day i will use some spare time and attempt to reverse engineer their mobile app to pull usage and cost data out.

I already have whole house energy monitoring via iotawatt, but i would realy like to compare the numebrs with the billable numbers to make sure they match.

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I’ve managed to make a short and hacky shell script that exports and updates a CSV file with the data downloadable from the AGL site, however I’m somewhat hesitant to post it publicly in case they block something as I rely on it for a few things :sweat_smile:

Regardless, the data they provide is unsuitable for HA which is designed to log and respond to events as they happen. They seem to publish historical data at midnight each night, which means injecting the data into your HA database directly instead which is risky even with a proper interface (which HA doesn’t have for this).

I’m keeping an eye on a few threads such as this feature request, and this one, and this one… the list just goes on. If any progress gets made with those, I might improve the script and publish a plugin. Otherwise I’ll publish it if I lose access before then, as they’re definitely not the most cost effective provider for me.

Until then I don’t recommend holding your breath unless AGL releases a live API. Some distributors provide smart meter data that can be downloaded, although whether or not it is near enough to real time to be usable will vary. At the moment, Home Assistant Glow seems to be the best option for me at least.