Aico interconnected smoke detectors with Shelly


I have seen a post somewhere about using a Shelly 1 to turn an aico interconnected smoke detector smart and enable integration into HA.

Is anyone able to point me in the right direction?

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Ah I finally found it buried away if someone else is looking for a guide DIY Project Moss on Instagram: "Made our @aico_ltd Smoke/Heat alarms smart by using a ‘Aico Ei128R Hard Wired Relay Module’ connected to a @_shellycloud_ Shelly 1. . The Aico relay module triggers the Shelly 1 which in turn sends a notification via @homeassistant and turns on all the house lights to light our escape routes. . #diy_project_moss #diysos #smarthome #automatedhome #homeautomation #shelly #homeassistant #diybigbuild"

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Did you get it to work? I’m thinking about installing smoke alarms and don’t have instagram so before I ask the kids for their login…