AIMP Component


i want to start by saying i dont know about how to coding, but some point i like to read coding but still it is confusing for me.

I trying few media player component but mostly of it are online service or needing some device.
I have try MPC but it dont work well with mp3. as well Kodi, it works well but kodi GUI pretty hard to control for dekstop PC, that would not be problem if Kodi running on dedicated HTPC.

I’ve trying GPM-DP but unfortunately it doesn’t available in my territory.

After searching i found that AIMP have plugins that can control playback, playlist, etc. It have good UI, run so light on PC.

Some useful information I’ve found on the net:

I’ve trying make an Universal Media Player Component by linking the web on control plugin, but my skill not enough.

I don’t know coding, however, I can help with other stuff if needed.

Best regards,
Prasetyo Joko