AIO, Docker, Virtual Enviroment and HASS.IO

I’ve been running Home Assistant with AIO for almost more than a year now and I’m thinking about making a fresh install and moving my configurations. But I’m not sure what’s the right way to go.

I searched a little bit in the forums and it seems that AIO having a little bit of problem with python 3.6 right now?

HASS.IO maybe it is not so stable as running Home Assistant in docker? And maybe have some limitations?

What’s the right choice and the easiest transition from AIO?

In my Home Assistant installation I’m using:

  • Zwave
  • MQTT
  • Emulated Hue
  • Google Assistant

In my Raspberry Pi I have also installed:

  • Dasher
  • Mqtt bridge for hue

Any recommendations? Anyone that moved from AIO to something else?

Do I have to do anything to move my Zwave configuration or it is just to copy my config file for that too?

Did you find anything. I also was looking for fresh install. Have been using ALL in One from day one but now looking for fresh install on pi.

Didn’t had the time to try anything actually until today. I just installed :slight_smile:

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If you’re happy with the AIO and simply want a fresh install, go with Hassbian. If you’ve got other software installed on your system, check that there’s an Add-On available, if there is then is also an option.

Thanks… Will start with Hassbian only.

@vageesh79 As I wrote before I went for Everything looks to work fine except my Aeotec multisensor (zwave). There are repositories with addon for the rest of the things I used to use that makes that even easier to set up.