AiO installs but no OZW?

I’ve done about 12 fresh JessieLite>AllInOne installations in the last several weeks due to various failures, mostly during installation. I’ve got it working right now and it is clearly getting my zstick in the configuration file because the stick popped up on the front end without having to do anything.

BUT there’s no openzwave when I follow the documented commands and the other threads on this are either slightly different problems or the solutions haven’t worked. Is this telling me that the openzwave install failed? Or has the directory moved somewhere else and the documentation is out of date?

I remember having to do some kind of symlink or config copying on this before, but I don’t recall having to hunt this much for the directory.

Did you check the install log file? Can you post the output here?

I’ve decided to bail out on this Pi gen2 and get a gen3. Thanks for your help.