Aiohttp fix question

Apparently the fix for the Apple TV problem in 0.40.1 is to upgrade aiohttp to 1.3.5

I did a sudo pip3 install --upgrade aiohttp


sudo pip3 install aiohttp ==1.3.5

and it does seem to upgrade however when I check the /deps folder it still shows 1.3.4

On another pi that I kind of keep in the wings as an emergency backup I ran the latest dev branch with which apple TV works and /deps shows aiohttp 1.3.5

How do I go about upgrading aiohttp to fix the Apple TV issue?

I’m still learning my around HA so I could be wrong, but i believe you may have to switch to the virtual env, then do your upgrade.

I did that and pip freeze says I have 1.3.5 but the apple TV thing isn’t fixed. But there is an aiohttp folder in /deps that is named aiohttp-1.3.4.dist-info.

On my other pi with dev branch where it works this reads 1.3.5 Pip freeze under a normal ssh login doesn’t even show aiohttp installed at all.

0.40.2 has been released with Aiohttp fix.

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