Air conditioner in HA

has anyone purchase the “sensibo” device and try it in HA with sensibo component? it’s make dumb air conditioner smart.


Yes and there is a built in sensibo climate comoonent. Unfortunately cloud based.

Thanks for the replay,
do you use it (sensibo) in your HA and
is it any good?
can you still use the IR remote of the air conditioner?


Yes I use it, it works fine, although mine need repositioning to get a better line of sight to the respective air conditioning systems. I have two of them.

Yes you can still use the remote. In fact the sensibo seems to have an IR sensor too, and keeps the automation system in sync with the AC, even when the AC is switched with the remote. I don’t guarantee that and need to do more testing, but that is how it seems.

Hi nickrout.
i bout today the “Sensibo” device and integrate it with HA.
working fine as you said, but dont seems to update HA when using the physical remote controller.
am i missing something?
its sit near the air conditioner, so it should worked.