Air conditioning recommendations in Australia - AdvantageAir, Airtouch etc

Hi there,

I am getting quotes for air-conditioning installations for our home (South East Queensland - Australia), and I have a couple of installers who can install either myAir (AdvantageAir) or airtouch (airtouch 5 not 4). I was wondering if anyone has used either system with home assistant and could provide any comments on its performance and stability. I am particularly interested in throttling the ac system based upon the energy production from my solar system as well as the power consumption of the rest of the home.

The 2 systems are based on a ducted air-conditioning system but I am open to considering split systems too, although I haven’t seen too many split air-conditioning systems with integrations directly supported by HA. There is Daikin but this is based on the availability of what I understand is a superseded wifi adapter. There are some split system integrations on HACS but my preference is to get a system that uses local polling and is likely to be well supported by HA for the long term.

From my reading of this forum the myAir / AdvantageAir system is a good choice, but it would be great to get some opinions from users of the system before making a decision.

No responses surprising given integrations available in HA and topic is of interest. Which AirCon + Control system did you end up going with and are you able to comment on success/issues with integration of the control system in HA. Am also located in SE Qld and deciding on AirCon/Control System quotes. Thanks.

Hi @bobinoz1

I went with a ducted system controlled by the Advantage air system (Advantage Air - Home Assistant) - apparently, they are a Perth-based company.

I got a 15kW Panasonic system (but the installers can use the Advantage Air/MyPlace controller for most ducted system brands). I have previously had a ducted Daikin system but they have priced themselves out the market and the Panasonic is still a very good product and not as expensive.
It is more expensive than going for a bunch of split systems, but I am happy with the integration, as it is local polling, and I have not had any connectivity issues - there is a minor delay on the system updating on HA when I make changes on the wall panel - perhaps 30s but not a deal breaker.

The wall panel that comes with the system is an Android tablet that is running an outdated OS - I don’t think I have seen a system update since it was installed - so there is that if you are worried about running old software.

Some of my favourite automations

  • automatically switch to fan mode once the internal temp and external temp are the same - i.e. cooling is no longer needed.
  • reset the temperature after my kids have set the temperature to artic-mode after a delay - i.e. energy saving

So in summary I am really happy with the system and the HA integration and would recommend it to another person running HA (and even people without HA).

I did get a comparative quote for an air touch system - but didn’t go for it as it was a bit more expensive and it looks like the air touch system routinely gets updated which requires a new integration each time (but I could be wrong there).

As for installers I got quotes from:
Alfa Air (included “gecko-proof” board coating as a standard)
Smarter air and electrical (additional cost for “gecko-proof”)

All the best with your search for your home cooling system.

Hi @bigwolf
Thanks for taking the time to reply and the info you’ve provided, all useful stuff. Am replacing 20 year old Daikin 16 kW ducted system and yep Daikin pricing themselves out of the market. Not only with their system prices but their spare parts for new systems are over the top now too. Am still buried in MyAir5/Advantage Air Vs Airtouch 5 Vs iZone Nexus feature comparisons and reviews - seems we are paying for smart home hub capability rather than just an Air Con control system.

Regardless of the system you pick if you need you can always either try the ESP board route or setup IR blaster hubs in each room you have a unit that can have individual control to get around any issues you encounter down the line with lack of integrations and local only control via official means.

I currently have a smaller of the fujitsu units installed in my home that is connected to my wifi via the adapter it came with and its using the FGLair intergration for control which is internet reliant but so far unless my internet does go into maintenance for 1-2hrs it has been stable so far.