Air Quality Meters

Does anyone use an indoor (or outdoor) air quality meter that can be integrated into HA?

I’d prefer one that can be read directly via MQTT or Zigbee rather than sending data to chine, but anything will do.

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Not MQTT and a little DIY but this is what I plan to do for our bedrooms:

If you are interested in particulate matter then I’d recommend looking at the project. It’s a relatively simple DIY project where you can use the sensor data locally and share it with the community.

I wrote up how I built such a sensor and integrated it via InfluxDB into HA:


As the others have pointed out, it depends if you want something DIY or not.

I am using an esp8266 with ESPeasy a small oled display and an SDS011 particle sensor, in a plastic box. It sends its data to HA via MQTT.

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I might have a go at building this. I can add code to send the data via MQTT.

Your PM10 looks a little high if that readout is “index” :

That reading is ug/m3 (if I am not mistaken). You don’t need to add extra code to send the data via MQTT, its already done in ESPEasy :slight_smile:

ESPHome looks interesting to me too but I didn’t get time to investigate and ESPEasy seems to work fine for me. I have another esp8266 that measures air pressure, light level and temperature also running ESPEasy and sending the info via MQTT.

I made air quality sensor with use of ESPHome. More here: Air quality (PM), AQI and radiation monitoring
Now i want to add CO2 sensor to it. And have only one problem - ESP heats up and heats temperature sensor, so i think how to separate them.

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JQ-300 from AliExpress

  • Humidity
  • tVOC
  • eCO2
  • HCHO (Formaldehyde)
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