Air Quality Monitor/Radon Meter: Airthings Wave Plus

The Airthings Wave Plus air quality/radon meter is a great sensor device which would be great to have as a component in Home Assistant. This is a device that is using Bluetooth.

Airthings themselves have made a Python script which fetches the values over Bluetooth which can be used on a Pi.

Their own page here:
The Github page for the script:

It might be easier to add as a Component because of their already have made a script?

Hi @anaxyd,

I just released a first iteration at a custom component called sensor.airthings_wave. I look forward for you to test and to give me your feedback.

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Hey @MartyTremblay,

Wow, thats great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Will this also support my Airthings Wave Plus (which is the latest sensor)? Documentation from Airthings here:

Ah, good catch. No it doesn’t since I have the first generation sensor. That being said, looking at their doc, implementing the required serial number and adding the 2 extra sensors should not be much effort.

Let me give it a go in a separate branch and I’ll have you test it being that I don’t have the Plus model.

Hi Marty.

Did you manage to create a seperate branch for the Plus? I can’t find it under /components. I’m currently trying to get my Wave Plus to work in HA, and found this thread. Any progress on the other sensors and how to get them to walk?


Thankyou for making this component, will it only work on a pi3?
My hassio is on a NUC running Ubuntu, and just gives me this error continually:

2019-07-12 21:29:31 WARNING (MainThread) [custom_components.airthings_wave.sensor] Radon level is : got an exception: could not convert string to float: ‘unknown’

Thanks for making this component Martin. Unfortunately I’m getting this issue,

did you have any luck finding a fix for it? Cheers, Mat

Hi @duftstenen

I haven’t had the time yet. It’s been a busy summer. Perhaps in the next few weeks.

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Could it be related to this? If so, I’ve had some success upgrading hassio 0.97 and reinstalling + restarting a few times.

I also have the + and can help to test. :slight_smile:

+1 on testing the Plus implementation (and debugging it if necessary)

For those looking to get data out of your wave plus, I was able to get this working on mine…

I am running hassio on a RPI 4. Getting the MAC address from the wave plus was my biggest issue. I could not get the script to run from my RPI4.

To get the MAC address from the wave plus: On my Android Pixel that is paired with my Airthings Wave Plus, I installed Bluetooth Scanner ( Under Devices on the first tab, I clicked Start at the bottom of the app. The app searched for Bluetooth devices and one of the devices found was Type Unknown with a MAC that started with C4:64… When I selected “more” for that device, The BLE GATT characteristics showed: Manufacturer Name Airthings AS with the last 6 digits of my Serial number found under the plate on the bottom of my wave plus.

Using this MAC and the instructions from gkreitz ( I am able to see sensor.airthings_short_term_radon and the other sensors in hassio!

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This should work on a NUC too, right?
I get the sensors in HA, but every sensor is “Unknown” and I get alot of this:

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Updating airthings sensor took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:30

The Airthings Wave Plus sits next to the NUC. I’ve had it there for a few days…

+1 - Got my AirThings Plus up running with .103 and the instructions from @stevehath!


I had this working on my NUC (native hassos build) the NUC Bluetooth generally I do find a little flaky though. but otherwise, thanks for making this component… would be great to get this into HACS… Thanks again

I have some issues with the stream: component. Bluetooth disappears when I enable it. Works without issues when stream: is disabled.

you mean that camera stream component?

Yes, for some reason. I even tried with a fresh install without any other components. :slightly_frowning_face:

lemme test that and see if I experience the same issues… I take it you are also running native NUC Hassos build and not in a VM on linux or other os?

I’m running ubuntu and docker on a NUC. Tried both Hass and Hassio, same issue.
Bluetooth doesn’t work at all when stream: is enabled.