AirBNB NFC Card Gate Access

So I run a AirBNB on my property and HA runs everything for the unit from the door lock to the lights.

I’m currently working on constructing a ESP board for automating my gate control. Right now my guests have to punch in a static code into the keypad of the gate to open the gate. Eventually I’ll add to the ESP board a new keypad that will use their lock code to open the gate as well (thank you keymaster)
Anyways as time goes on and my enhancements to the bnb continue to grow (eventually they’ll have a garage spot) I’d like to give my guests a NFC card that they could scan with their phone to have it open the gate. But of course the scan requires that they have the HA app installed. Is there a method to create a NFC card that can call a custom URL that will fire an automation without having to have the app installed on their phone. I think asking my guests to install the app and use a generic guest account just screams SECURITY and its not something I want to do. Thank you all in advance for your help with this.

I keep noodling on how to do something like this myself. At present the only thing I can really think of would be to use the Limited guest access addon for custom URLs with PINs attached to them. Of course, then you’ve got to come up with a way to properly interface with the addon to generate new links for each guest :-/

Ideally, non-admin accounts could be configured in a way to disallow access to things that they don’t need (such as the logs or other things go vote here!). In that ideal situation then you could have a guest account that you programatically change the password on and you provide them with a URL to open in a browser (on their phone) and not use the app itself.

In that case, the NFC tag could just have the generic URL that then requires them to login and do things with.

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