Set user permissions on all dashboards

The current dashboard system has no way of setting overall dashboard visibility for some auto-generated dashboards. At present, you can manage what tabs inside a given dashboard are visible to users. It would be nice to be able to set overall dashboard visibility on a per user basis and not just on a tab basis.

For instance, the following dashboards have absolutely no ability to be turned off for non-admins:

  • Energy
  • Map
  • Logbook
  • History
  • Calendar
  • Media Browser

Additionally, if extra Lovelace dashboards are created they can be marked as Admin only and / or shown in the sidebar. The issue with this is that you may have a dashboard that you want to create for a non-admin user, but have other non-admin users that shouldn’t have the dashboard at all. While you can create tabs inside the dashboard that limit who can see the dashboard, it’s still a dashboard that someone may see, even if it ends up being empty!

Ultimately, dashboard visibility should be something that an admin can set at a user level for all dashboards, and not just the user created ones.

Yes they can, you can go to the profile settings and edit the sidebar, then you can hide all the elements you want.

Nevertheless your feature request is valid, I’m too lazy to search but I think I saw this request already a 100 times…

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True, you can do that. But it is per device. I want a way to not even offer system dashboards like those listed to non-admins


Ive also been looking how the hell to hide these entries for non-admins. This is actually ridiculous, and one could even call it a security bug, because you cant hide views and have the user willingly view your log entries in logbook.
Whoever is in support of this, please everybody respond to the issue created here:

Also if you know any of the devs, please point them to this github issue.


Concur and would also bump it up. There really should be a way for an admin to set up visibility/access of dashboards for his users that admin-side. Also to disable access to settings.

The simple use case is if you have kids: you don’t want them to be able to access HA settings, run updates/install addons or integrations, edit/turn on/off automations etc. It’s 1) a security risk and 2) can break things. The easiest way would be to treat the dashboards as the things that the admin uses to “expose” entities/automations/data to users

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Same here, this would be a great feature to add.

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Absolutely, there needs to be a lot of per-user control. This would be a good first step, it’s a bit of a broad method of per user control, even better would be for the main admin account to be able to set per user permissions on a lot of things, integrations, devices, entities etc. Partly just for a cleaner easier experience for the non admin users - heck I’d have an admin account and a daily user account for myself too, no need to see all the system admin stuff day to day - but that would be better for the wife and kids etc. But it would also enhance the individual experience more if we can have per user settings for themes, set up their own dashboard with their own preferences and shortcuts/scripts/layout etc. There is no reason for that to be visible for everyone, but lots of reason for it to be selected per user. Themes per user would be a nice touch too.

I agree. It’s a real surprise that there is no per-user control in this (for the rest great) user interface.
It makes the system unusable in practice when there are different people involved, like in most households (with children!).
This is an urgent improvement for security reasons in my humble opinion.

Follow this tutorial…. Kiosk Mode in Home Assistant – How To – The Right Way! - YouTube

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I recently added the Todoist integration so that an automation can create a Todoist task when the roller shade battery is getting low. I was surprised to see a Calendar dashboard was created with all of my Todoist tasks. The calendar is visible to all users and there is no way to restrict the visibility! When my children are visiting, I want them to be able to use HA companion app to control shades and other devices, but I do not want them to see all of my Todoist tasks.

Please implement user level visibility permission for all of the dashboards.

Also very much interested in this. I have family that stays that I want to grant limited access to (for access and limited smart-home control), but the ability to see log books and all cameras hooked into home assistant is a definite non-starter.

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This is a huge missing feature for me. More granular user permissions and access controls would really complete an already great project for me.

Very late to the party here, but does anyone know if this is going anywhere?

We somewhat regularly have dog sitters staying over when we’re away, and it’d be great to give them a cut-down dashboard for their mobile phones, including cards with emergency numbers etc. whilst restricting everything else.

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Same here :cold_face:

If there is way let me know please

Browser Mod says “order & visibility of sidebar items” in the Sidebar Order setting, but I haven’t found a way to actually change visibility in that setting.

thomasloven/hass-browser_mod: :small_blue_diamond: A Home Assistant integration to turn your browser into a controllable entity and media player (

I have been trying to find a way to do this myself, I assume nothing else has changed recently to allow this?

The most important feature is to prevent the user to access those urls, It’s not usefull for me that they are just hidden, I want them to be secure so no tech savy user can bypass it.

I think you’re really looking for the WTH2 - WTH!? No RBAC - Role Based Access Control? (Users & Groups rights) thread for that one :wink: