Airbnk M300 smart lock

Got one of Airbnk M300 locks.
It’s Bluetooth with Wi-Fi bridge.
Before i had August Pro, but CR123 batteries were working for 4-5 days, and it was constantly loosing Wi-Fi connection, becoming unusable.
So this Chinese copy works surprisingly well as for now, but for sure, i want to connect it to my HA, either over BT or Wi-Fi.
Unfortunately, looks like there’s no integration, API or Tuya support.
I am not really experienced in stuff like reverse-engineering, but with someone’s help could try to connect it.

Also interested

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Bump? Can someone help here?
The lock seems to be really robust and convenient - would be actually cool to have it as part of home ecosystem…

Hi all, I believe you can find the most advanced discussion on attempts for integrating Airbnk smart locks in here:

Still no luck at the moment though…

Hmm, that’s good that someone tries at least :slight_smile:
Will be watching that thread - maybe, I can help somehow…
However, discussion there is mostly about ZigBee/BT. BT is fine, as it’s local, but what about WiFi API…