Airbnk M530 TUYA Smart Lock

Has anyone this lock? Experience?


Also interested…

also interested

Also interested…Is any update?

Hello someone have any news about "Airbnk M530 TUYA Smart Lock " HA integration?

Hi, I’m also interesting in such solution. Is there any update.

Hello, have someone any news about "Airbnk M531 TUYA Smart Lock " HA integration?
I’m also interesting in such solution.
I bought the version with Zigbee, and with the help of Tuya - Smart Life works … but I prefer to work in Homeassistant. I use ZHA and it recognizes it - or finds it, but only finds 2 entity is unavailable under Diagnostic like:

  • sensor.tyst12_xxxxxx_xxxxxx_xxxxxxx_basic_rssi
  • sensor.tyst12_xxxxx_xxxxx_xxxxxx_basic_lqi

some ideas or solutions?

Also looking for an integration.
I’ve found this, but looking for a solution without ESP32.

Perhaps someone can port it.

Hey, I’ve got a different Tuya lock so I could maybe help you out.

So you got the ZigBee version ?
In the Tuya app, can you press a button to lock and unlock ?
Can you add a scene in Tuya to lock ?
Can you add a scene in Tuya to unlock ?

If yes then integration is very easy

Hi Ak-d0V,
thanks for your reply.

So, I have a zigbee version that works in “Smart Life”


Automation - scene:

ok, i’m very excited about what / how can you help me :slight_smile:

Can you unlock in a smart scene ?
If you create a new scene, is there an option to unlock or is it just for lock ? (3rd picture)

I tested, but failed. No, i can’t unlock, over smart scene, or Automation. I guess, tuya/smart life, doesn’t support this feature.
What i need? ZHA or zigbe2mqtt? To integrate in HA?

what you suggested to me, I intended to do for the test, but to this day I have not come to this.
Sorry it doesn’t work.

ok, we have some other suggestion?

since I am currently using ZHA, I am ready to replace the integration with zigbee2mqtt.
insofar as this integration would work.

Hello, someone have any news about We-Here / Airbnk M531 / M530 / M500?
It contains Zigbee and bluetooth in the device itself…

Hi, since it’s zigbee tuya lock
Have you tried pairing it with zemismart homekit hub and use the homekit integration to control it?

Btw, you can still remotely lock/unlock from the tuya/smartlife right?

I haven’t tried this yet. Unlocking works remotely via the Smart live app.
I will order, test and then report back. :wink:

Any news about this integration?